Apple + IBM Business Apps

This might be big: Apple and IBM just released the first information on their new collaboration into business (read: enterprise) apps for iOS. My initial thought, while scrolling down the overview on Apple’s overview page, was something along the line of… “hm, flight attendants who reschedule flights while in the air? Sure…” But the more I thought about this and the further I scrolled, I just thought this is just the first step – they even mention this being the first wave of apps. And then especially the Telco app is spot on for me: the last three years or so I had several projects implementing SAP Netweaver Mobile solutions for service technicians. Not Telco, but general industry, but still – technicians who have a daily schedule of repairs at customer sites, an inventory, service orders to fulfill… basically the same thing. And this would be huge. Ease of use like the presented iPad screens, with map overview, customer info, installation help in form of tech spec etc… if this ever becomes customizable and can be attached to a backend like an already existing SAP ERP or CRM at a customer site, this would sell like hotcakes. Definitely worthy to keep an eye on!

Passionate Programming

I just read the latest entry in Jeff Atwoods Coding Horror blog, detailing how he went from a very small reading list to the famous blog he now has… and immediately thought, “Yep, you wanted to start writing more often as well…” But then I always either am just too lazy, or find that I do not have anything to write about, neither about my work or something personal… How ironic that the last real physical book was The Passionate Programmer – and I haven’t even started it. Seems I lack the passion right now…

And even that might be something worth writing about. That seems to be a real problem. My last (and sadly, also current) projects at work both kind of burned out the flame I had due to mismanagement, mismatched skills, a bad framework, budget problems, you name it… but I want to rekindle the flames now. I just need to find something to start with. Maybe doing new and fun things in my personal life help, so this week I will get a regular license plate for my motorbike (a 2010 Suzuki Gladius) instead of a seasonal one and start driving again.