Back from the Black

Once a year, a lot of people travel to the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany, to enjoy everything the Gothic scene has to offer, and as usual, I went as well. Seeing that we are no longer twenty (at least that’s the excuse we use) we stay at a nice hotel from Friday to Monday, and pick some bands and parties from the long, long list of attractions of the festival. Sadly, while there were some real highlights (Amorphis and Rotthing Christ come to mind), and we of course missed some events because there is always something really great on Thursday or early Friday (Empusae in this case), or even Monday night (like Forndom), overall the concerts we attended were a little meh for us. Skinny Puppy comes to mind as especially disappointing: one of the old classic bands, if you will, and they just started of with a too long intro, getting lost in self-celebration, and overall not adhering to my personal number one rule for bands playing at a festival: play you best songs, not stuff from you new album – there will be a lot of people who know you, or even know of you, but are not rabid fans. Win them over. Also there will be competition: we left after four or five songs and went to a party instead, even though we had gone to that specific location just for Skinny Puppy. Ah well, I doubt they will listen to what I have to say.

On the journey back home from the festival this afternoon I was a little exhausted, and it certainly did not help that there was not one, but two groups of obnoxious older drinking people right in front of me. But when I got home, what made it all worthwhile was the message I got from my friend that he really enjoyed the trip and my company. Remember kids: it always helps to say what you feel!

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