Nexus 5 – Unboxing

I just received my Nexus 5 this week (on tuesday to be exact), and took some pictures while unboxing it. The first is rather boring, but Google sent the phone out in a rather small box that just holds the Nexus box itself, nothing more…

The UPS delivered box

…as you can see on the second pic, where I simply opened the outer wrapping:

The opened box

The box of the phone itself is rather bland, or stylish and minimal, take your pick, but it continues the style of previous Nexus devices (I own a 2012 Nexus 7 and a friend of mine ordered her Nexus 4 though me). Good thing there is a Bluetooth logo on the back – I might not have known this phone comes with that technology in this day and age… but I guess that is simply a licensing requirement. Still, it strikes me as rather stupid.

The box: front The box: back

The box itself is just a typical sliding box, the printed blue outer piece contains a simple white inner box with a very plain Google logo in white printed on the lower right corner, and that’s it.

The inner box out of the slider

And surprise! In the box is a nice looking phone, with a thin protective foil on the glass with a “Nexus 5” logo. Since the box is roughly two or three centimeters higher than the phone, Google (or LG) put all the other stuff underneath the phone, with a thin blue piece of cardboard separating the two compartments.

The phone in the box Taking out the phone with its holder The other contents

Included are a charger, a USB cable, the warranty text together with some safety tips in several languages, a single image explaining the power and volume buttons and the plugs, and a tool for opening the tray for the SIM card (Micro SIM, in case you were wondering).

All in all a pretty bland packaging, but that’s what I expected, considering this is a no-frills stock Android experience on the phone itself, which btw simply greets you with a simple Nexus logo on startup, and then starts the simple configuration process by asking you for a language.

First boot Starting the configuration wizard

From then one there was nothing of interest, except that the phone wanted to download an update to Android (around 130 MB) as soon as WiFi was configured, rebooted, and then started over with the initial configuration. It asked for my Google user name, and was simply configured.

One minor hiccup: on my Nexus 7 I have AdBlock installed, and set the tablet to use the local AdBlock proxy. Since Google syncs the network settings it knew to connect to the proxy, but that of course was not yet installed on the phone, so I had to remove the proxy from the network…

And that’s it! I will include some more screenshots from the phone itself, which really has a beautiful screen.

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  1. Its funny to find this unboxing post of yours now 😀 i actually made an unboxing video for my roommate so she she could “relive” the process because she wanted me to charge the phone as she wasnt at home when it was delivered. I guess you know who ordered the nexus 5 as well and i assume you mentioned her already 😉

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